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Thecadactylus oskrobapreinorum KÖHLER & VESELY, 2011

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Higher TaxaPhyllodactylidae, Gekkota, Sauria, Squamata (lizards: geckos)
Common NamesE: Saint Martin Turnip-tailed Gecko 
SynonymThecadactylus oskrobapreinorum KÖHLER & VESELY 2011 
DistributionSint Maarten (French and Dutch Lesser Antilles)

Type locality: Sint Maarten, near the southern edge of the village of Dawn Beach, 18.042°N, 63.023°W, 45 m elevation  
Reproductionoviparous (not imputed, fide Zimin et al. 2022) 
TypesHolotype: SMF 92120, an adult male; collected 12 April 2011 by Stephan Prein and Maciej Oskroba. Paratypes. SMF 92194, 92721–29, same collecting data as holotype. 
DiagnosisDiagnosis: A species (SVL in largest specimen examined 99 mm) of the genus Thecadactylus (sensu Russell and Bauer 2002) that differs from all other species in the genus by having a distinct dorsal pattern of numerous irregular but sharply deliminated black spots and blotches on an otherwise almost patternless background. Thecadactylus oskrobapreino- rum lacks a dorsally directed postocular stripe (such stripe present in most specimens of T. solimoensis; see Bergmann and Russell 2007). Thecadactylus oskrobapreinorum differs further from T. rapicauda in the mean values of several morphometric and pholidotic characteristics, most pronounced in the number of subdigital lamellae and supralabial scales (see Table 1 in KÖHLER & VESELY 2011). 
CommentThis species has been previously considered as T. rapicauda. 
EtymologyThe name oskrobapreinorum is a construction in the genitive plural honoring Maciej Oskroba and Stephan Prein, two German herpetoculturists who directed our attention to this new species and made field observations on this gecko on the island of Sint Maarten. 
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