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Trachylepis acutilabris (PETERS, 1862)

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Higher TaxaScincidae, Mabuyinae (Mabuyini), Scincoidea, Sauria, Squamata (lizards)
Common NamesE: Wedge-snouted Skink, Sharp-lipped Mabuya 
SynonymEuprepes acutilabris PETERS 1862
Mabuia acutilabris — WERNER 1910: 349
Mabuya acutilabris — LAURENT 1947: 8
Mabuya acutilabris — SCHMIDT 1919: 551
Mabuya acutilabris — HELLMICH 1957: 58
Mabuya acutilabris — BAUER et al. 1993
Mabuya acutilabris — GREER et al. 2000
Euprepis acutilabris — MAUSFELD et al. 2002
Trachylepis acutilabris — BAUER 2003
Mabuya acutilabris — COOPER 2005
Trachylepis acutilabris — SCHLEICHER 2020 
DistributionNamibia, S Angola, W Democratic Republic of the Congo (Zaire), NW Republic of South Africa (Little Namaqualand)

Type locality: Neu-Barmen [=Otjimbingue, Namibia], by implication.  
TypesSyntypes; ZMB 4214 (6 specimens), 4215, 4216 (3 specimens), Neu Barmen, Namibia, collected C.H. Hahn; MNHN 1471 (1867.132, 2805a), West Africa, presented ZMB in 1867, BMNH, Hereroland, presented ZMB, 1946.8.19.19 (formerly 1935.2.8.9), Neu Barmen, Hereroland, presented ZMB; MCZ 21037-38, New Barmen, Namibia, collected Hahn, presented ZMB; (Bauer et al. 2003). Barabanov & Milto (2017) also identify ZISP 691-692, Otjimbingue, Namibia, presented ZMB in 1868 as syntypes, but the locality data do not correspond to the type series. 
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