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Trachylepis laevis (BOULENGER, 1907)

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Higher TaxaScincidae, Mabuyinae (Mabuyini), Scincoidea, Sauria, Squamata (lizards)
Common NamesE: Angolan Blue-tailed Skink 
SynonymMabuya laevis BOULENGER 1907
Oelofsia laevis — STEYN & MITCHELL 1965
Mabuya laevis — WELCH 1982: 86
Mabuya laevis — GREER et al. 2000
Mabuya laevis — GREER & NUSSBAUM 2000
Euprepis laevis — MAUSFELD et al. 2002
Trachylepis laevis — BAUER 2003
Trachylepis laevis — WEINELL et al. 2019 
DistributionNW Namibia (Kaokoveld), S Angola

Type locality: Maconjo, Benguela, Angola, restricted to the vicinity of the streams Conjo, Conjo Pequeno, and Cocumba (12°52’S, 13°21’E, 355 m asl), 20 km south of Uche, Benguela Province, Angola, by Vaz Pinto et al. 2019.  
TypesType: BMNH 1946.8.15.31 (formerly 1906.8.24.71), Maconjo, Benguella, collected Dr W. J. Angorge 
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