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Tropidophorus brookei (GRAY, 1845)

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Higher TaxaScincidae, Sphenomorphinae (Sphenomorphini), Scincoidea, Sauria, Squamata (lizards)
Common NamesE: Brook’s Keeled Skink 
SynonymNorbea brookei GRAY 1845: 102
Tropidophorus brookii — BOULENGER 1887: 361
Tropidophorus brookii — BARBOUR 1912
Norbea brookei — MITTLEMAN 1952
Tropidophorus brookei — OTA et al. 1991
Tropidophorus brookei— GREER & BISWAS 2004 
DistributionIndonesia (Borneo, Natuna islands), Malaysia (Sabah, Sarawak)  
TypesHolotype: BMNH 1946.8.19.1 (formerly xv.79a), Borneo, presented Sir E. Belcher. 
DiagnosisDescription: Shields of head slightly rugose; frontonasal single, about as broad as long; praefrontals in contact; frontal as long as frontoparietals and interparietal together; five supraoculars, first longest, fifth smallest; fourteen very small supraciliaries, of which the last are indistinct; frontoparietals shorter than the interparietal; parietals forming a suture behind the latter; eight upper labials, fifth and sixth largest and bordering the orbit; five lower labials; a postmental. Tympanum smaller than the eye-opening. Body slender, with 32 scales round the middle, dorsals and laterals equal, keeled, with round hind border, the keels forming eight longitudinal lines on the back and oblique ones on the flanks. Ventral scales largest and smooth. Praeanal region covered with a large plate. Tail slightly compressed, about twice as long as the body, the upper scales keeled. Limbs slender, the hind limb reaches the elbow or the axilla; digits short, with smooth lamellae below (de Rooij 1915: 277).

Coloration: Brown above, with darker and lighter spots, the dark spots sometimes forming transverse bands; flanks dotted with black and white; tail dark brown. Lower parts whitish (de Rooij 1915: 277).

Size: Length of head and body 88 mm.; tail 155 mm (de Rooij 1915: 277). 
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