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Varanus mabitang GAULKE & CURIO, 2001

IUCN Red List - Varanus mabitang - Endangered, EN

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Higher TaxaVaranidae, Platynota, Varanoidea, Anguimorpha, Sauria, Squamata (lizards)
Common NamesG: Mabitang, Panay-Waran 
SynonymVaranus mabitang GAULKE & CURIO 2001
Varanus (Philippinosaurus) mabitang — BÖHME 2002
Varanus (Philippinosaurus) mabitang — KOCH et al. 2013
Varanus (Philippinosaurus) mabitang — BUCKLITSCH et al. 2016: 50 
DistributionPhilippines (Panay)

Type locality: South Pandan Forest, ca. 250 m. elevation, Municipality of Pandan, Antique Province, NW Panay Island, Philippines.  
TypesHolotype: PNM 7272 
CommentAppears to be one of only two monitors which are primarily vegetarian (in addition to V. olivaceus which also feeds on fruit, among other food), although it also eats some animals.

Habitat: arboreal 
EtymologyNamed after the name mabitang, which has been used for this species since generations within its range by the local people. The meaning is somewhat like big monitor lizard (in Kinarayan dialect). The name is used as invariable noun in apposition to the generic name. 
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