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Xenagama zonura (BOULENGER, 1895)

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Higher TaxaAgamidae (Agaminae), Sauria, Iguania, Squamata (lizards)
Common NamesE: Ethiopian Ridgeback Agama 
SynonymAgama zonura BOULENGER 1895: 533
Agama zonura — WERMUTH 1967: 26
Stellio zonurus — MOODY 1980
Acanthocercus zonurus — BAIG & BÖHME 1997
Acanthocercus zonurus — LARGEN & SPAWLS 2006: 30
Xenagama zonura — WAGNER et al. 2013 
DistributionEthiopia, elevations between 2000 and 2500 m

Type locality: Wardergubberner, western Somali-Land, corrected to “Shek Mohamed, near Delo, 07° 15’ N, 40° 28’ E, near Ginir, Oromia Region, Ethiopia” [SCHNEIDER et al. 2012].  
TypesHolotype: BMNH, now 1946.8.28.10 
DiagnosisDiagnosis: A large Xenagama lizard (SVL of males up to 84.5 mm) with a triangular depressed head and the nasal scale keeled and on the canthus rostralis. Ear hole surrounded by single short conical scales, while tufts of elongated scales are lacking. Tympanum superficial. No neck crest present. Body scalation heterogeneous, with small matrix spinose scales and intermixed with keeled and spinose enlarged scales. Vertebral scales smooth to feebly keeled and larger than those on the flanks. Gular and ventral scales smooth. Tail slightly longer than the body and head, discoidal part not developed, but base of the tail distinctly broad. Tail base arranged in whorls with one scale ring each [from WAGNER et al. 2013]. 
CommentDistribution: not in Somalia, as indicated by the original type locality (”Somaliland”). 
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